Have you tried Miami's rosé?

Made for Miami, by Miami

  • Made for one reason; to donate money to the University of Miami Holtz Children's Hospital NICU

  • Produced by Miami natives in memory of their preemie daughter

  • Personally delivered by our courier, Jose, every week (not on a scooter, sorry)

  • Not made in Homestead - no offense - we love our local farms, but wine grapes don't do well down here. Little Wings is made from sustainably farmed grapes in California, then transported to Miami for fulfillment and delivery

  • Perfect to sneak onto the beach (not that we endorse glass bottles on the beach, obviously)

"A perfect summer sipper with hints of strawberry, orange peel and a subtle spice."

- Winemaker, Ian Brand

Supporting Miami's NICU Families

Since we began in 2015, 100% of the profits earned by Little Wings have directly benefited programs that support babies and their families at the University of Miami Holtz Children's Hospital. Our goal is to show that even the tiniest lives can have a lasting, positive, impact on the world.

Read more about Little Wings initiatives.

Responsibly Farmed

Produced by globally-renown, award-winning winemaker Ian Brand, Little Wings wines offer a beautiful window into California's Coastal terroir. All of the fruit that goes into our wines is responsibly and sustainably farmed. Ian doesn't tamper much with what the vines give him, and our wines offer an authentic look into the special terroir of this unique region. Read about our wines here.

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