Our Story (and why you're a part of it)


In February 2015, our daughter, Mikaela, was born at just 24 weeks gestational age. In spite of the efforts of the amazing doctors and staff in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Miami's Holtz Children's Hospital and Mikaela's fighting spirit, our daughter passed away after 11 days. It left an incredible void in my wife and I, as well as a yearning to honor and celebrate our daughter's short and beautiful life. 

Our passion for wine and its craft led us to the idea to produce a vibrant, unique, and "little" wine to commemorate our daughter, and raise funds to help bring hope to families of other NICU babies. 

Little Wings is the result of this idea and mission. 

Our goal is to help provide parents of NICU babies with a sense of hope and support, so we decided all profits from the sales of Little Wings will be donated to a local NICU, and used to support families, and the development of Residents. Everyone involved in this project, strangers and friends alike, has taken this goal to heart, coming together at every step of the wine's production with an incredible spirit of generosity to ensure we yield the maximum donation possible.

And so we come to your part in our story. With every bottle of Little Wings Syrah you purchase, the NICU program will receive a donation of about $20, and you receive a wine that is special in so many wonderful ways. Thank you for making this cherished idea a reality and for your support of a precious cause.